March 13, 2019

Travel I – Postcards From Iguazu Waterfalls

Hello loves! If you follow my IG @iines_inca, you know that I spent my Carnaval down in Brazil, more exactly in Foz de Iguaçu to visit the beautiful Iguazu Falls. I went to the park on both sides, Argentina and Brazil some years ago and now I decided to go back. Although I stayed in a hotel on Brazil side I decided to visit the park on Argentina side. Iguaçu Falls are half Brazilian and half Argentinian and most of the waterfalls are Argentinian.  To get there I went to São Paulo and from there you have flights with TAM and GOl Linhas Aéreas. Here are some tips:

  • Comparing both sides of the park I would recommend for you to do the Brazilian tour. It’s much better organized, you can do the helicopter trip ( it’s prohibited in Argentina) and employees are very nice and helpful.
  • From our hotel “Wish Hotel” in Foz de Iguaçu city to the park crossing the border to Argentina it’s about 30 minutes.
  • Organize your trip with a travel agency, it’s safe and because they will deal with border bureaucracy. We had a taxi driver that one of our friends knows for many years, so he took care of everything.
  •  Don’t forget your passport. You will need it to cross the border and to buy your entrance ticket ( fees are different amounts for foreigners and resisdents.
  • Be patient when arriving to the park, the lines are disorganized but fast. Although they say Credit Card, Master Card are accepted, none of our Master Cards worked. They only have swipe machines, nothing for cards with chips.
  • The entrance fee for foreigners is 700 Argentinian pesos ( around 15 euros) and you can do all the trails and spend as many hours you like inside the park. Take cash with you.
  • Inside the park you have two options to start your visit: take a little train to the main trails or just do a 20 minute walk. I did the lower trail, the best one and you see basically all the waterfalls.
  • It takes the all morning, around 4 hours to do the lower trail.
  • There are a couple of food courts where you can buy water, drinks and snacks, hot dogs, burgers and traditional food.
  • It was extremely hot, so I would recommend to visit the park between June and October (Winter time there) like I did in the past and also it’s less crowded.
  •  Don’t forget to put sunblock, repelent, take comfortable shoes and drink lots of water.

Although I experienced a lot of disorganization, the park is beautiful, very clean, with fabulous views. Nature can be so powerful. But once again I recommend do the Brazilian side. There’s a little video at the bottom just to give you a little idea about the park ( sorry it was made with an Iphone).

Thanks for stopping by and for reading! See you on Friday!



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