June 12, 2017

Marrakesh – Souks and Medina

Marrakesh is a magical city, it take us very easily to the 1001 nights tales, with beautiful and emblematic buildings, colorful palettes from the traditional clothes to the amazing tile work that we see around the city.

Koutoubia Mosque, we can only see it from outside (unless you are a muslim). Impressive building that we can see basically from any point of the city.

 Shopping and spending your dirhams in the Old Souk, here we find everything: carpets, textiles, kaftans, bags…and believe me this is the right place to see how accurate and strong is your capacity for negotiation and argumentation to get the best price for your merchandise.

Entering in the old city, Medina its a must to visit some of the Riads, old moroccan mansions, their construction is based on the roman villas where we have a central garden surrounded by very tall walls. We visited two, but I will prepare a full post about them. To enter the Medina we had a guide, the best option if you don’t get yourself lost in those tiny streets.


 Other Points of Interest:

  • Menara Gardens, Saadian Tombs, Tombs of the Seven Saints, Mellah (old Jewish Quarter), Marrakesh Museum, La Mamounia Hotel in a art deco moroccan fusion style with impressive gardens its a must to visit (we visit the hotel but unfortunately it was night and the photos were not the best…sorry!)

On our next post I will take you inside of two amazing Riads, today they work as chic boutique hotels and restaurants.

Hope you like the post and let me know if you feel a little bit of inspiration to plan a trip to Marrakesh!

Xo Ines



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