July 20, 2016

Sunshine and Skincare with NUXE


Hello loves!

I’m a beach lover…the sun, the sea, swimming, sailing everything that goes with the flow of Summer. And of course… I love to be tanned. But I’m also addicted to a good and healthy tan. Protecting myself with a high SPF it’s a must, for this purpose I use “NUXE Delicious Cream for Face High Protection SFP30“. Getting a beautiful gold tan, has to be slowly and cautious and don’t forget… always avoiding the “dangerous hours” of sun. Having my skin exposed to sun most of the time during summer, either in bikini or with a off the shoulder top or shorts, well you name it, I want to be moisturized, protected and feeling healthy. So my election goes for ” NUXE Refreshing after Sun Lotion“. Don’t forget to moisturized your lips, most of the time we forget this part of our face, my choice goes for “Lip Moisturizing stick” with honey and sunflower.




To keep my skin hydrated and moisturized, even when I am not in my beach days I go for the “24HR Moisturizing Body Lotion” with almonds and orange petals, in this case for dry skin. This lotion keeps my skin so soft and with a healthy look. I’m absolutely addicted to it.


For a finish touch I always go for the absolutely amazing Huile Prodigieuse Sec, for nourishing and a glowing look.        You can use the Huile Prodigieuse in your face, body and hair.

  • Face: you can apply directly in a soft massage or you can mix two or three drops in your normal moisturized.
  • Body: apply it directly to your body in soft massages ( I always do a massage after applying the 24HR body lotion.
  • Hair: apply a drop in your ends and Nuxe also recommends that you can use it as a mask 10minutes before shampooing ( honestly I never try it, so I can’t comment on that).



NUXE is definitely my favorite skincare brand and I have been using it for quite some time. My skin gets that glowing and very healthy look that I was looking for. You can see my previous post about the brand HERE.

Look 1 Beach: Bikini old CALZEDONIA / Sunglasses Ray-Ban / Hat “Fedora” old similar

Look 2 : Shirt old similar and similar / Shorts Forever21 / Sandals Diandra Steve Madden / Sunglasses Ray-Ban

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Xoxo Ines (Inca)

All the products on this post work perfectly on my type of skin and are my own personal products. All skin types are different and react differently to the same products. What is good for me it may not be good for you. I’m just giving my own opinion about products that work on my skin. I recommend an appointment with a Specialist or Dermatologist before using any of the above.



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