October 7, 2015

Chanel Airlines PFW SS16


Hello loves!

“CHANEL” Wow!! What a show! Absolutely amazing!

Karl Lagerfeld did it again, in a genius mix of creativity: classic, modern, contemporary, offering all type of pieces for all type of different adventures that your imagination could take you. What a big surprise for all the attendants when arriving to Grand Palais in Paris and see it transformed in a first class Airport Terminal.


As we can see the clothes were designed for flowing movements  and the trademark tweed was light and soft but showing vibrant and strong colors…reds and blues to the top . The entire collection show us a little bit of everything: wide trousers, short/ long skirts, dresses, jackets…We had it all in a journey that could take you to the most stylish and cosmopolitan place to amazing beach or a safari spot. I’m absolutely surrendered to this collection of glamour and I hope you will be too.

Chanel-ss16-fashion-3[1]  _cha1061_jpg_4335_north_1382x_black[1]

These are my personal choices! Enjoy!

_cha0059_jpg_1492_north_1382x_black[1] _cha0067_jpg_5810_north_1382x_black[1] _cha0079_jpg_3106_north_1382x_black[1]

_cha0119_jpg_4244_north_1382x_black[1] _cha0127_jpg_299_north_1382x_black[1] _cha0137_jpg_5622_north_1382x_black[1]

_cha0141_jpg_3784_north_1382x_black[1] _cha0199_jpg_1091_north_1382x_black[1] _cha0229_jpg_1563_north_1382x_black[1]

_cha0313_jpg_8128_north_1382x_black[1] _cha0321_jpg_5121_north_1382x_black[1] _cha0355_jpg_2406_north_1382x_black[1]

_cha0363_jpg_8568_north_1382x_black[1] _cha0371_jpg_477_north_1382x_black[1]  _cha0829_jpg_8595_north_1382x_black[1]

_cha0404_jpg_2768_north_1382x_black[1] _cha0410_jpg_9072_north_1382x_black[1] _cha0431_jpg_2008_north_1382x_black[1]

_cha0456_jpg_7400_north_1382x_black[1] _cha0523_jpg_7011_north_1382x_black[1] _cha0590_jpg_3384_north_1382x_black[1]

_cha0722_jpg_8611_north_1382x_black[1] _cha0735_jpg_547_north_1382x_black[1] _cha0771_jpg_2130_north_1382x_black[1]


All photos by: ft.com(Life&Arts), VOGUE fr , MARIE CLAIRE

What do you think about the collection and the show? Did you like it?

Thanks for stopping by and for reading!

Xoxo Ines (Inca)


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