May 6, 2018

Time Off – Time For Myself

Hi loves! First of all my apologies for being a little bit absent from the blog, but I needed and still need some “time off” for myself to organize some points in my life. As you know I moved back to Portugal, a couple of months ago, last December, I was living in Boston MA. This move was a bit of a nightmare for at least 3 months. My constant work trips around the world didn’t left me much time to find a home for myself. I was trying to look for an apartment during my days off in Lisbon, at the same time trying to spend time with family and friends and working on the blog, plus I have been living in my dear moms house for acouple of months but having my personal things in six or seven big suitcases was too much.

So I finally have my apartment!! I’m so happy because I found exactly what I was looking for! Right in front of the sea with tons of natural light! Decor is almost done and finally have my personal things back to me! A couple of details to finish and it’s ready. So I decided to take this month off, to myself, to take care of me. I’ll be back in JUNE, so I hope you too, I hope to see you again around here. If you follow me on INSTAGRAM or FB you will definitely find me there on a daily basis.

Thank you for stopping by beautiful people!!

See you soon!

Até breve!

Xoxo Ines


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