July 6, 2017

My Daily SkinCare Routine with Cyantific

Taking care of our skin is probably the main concern we all have. Preventive skin care requires not only a good diet, drinking water to keep yourself hydrated but definitely we have to have a good line of products. My skin is very sensitive, so trying to find the right product for my daily routine can be challenging and a little overwhelming with all the huge offer out there and very competitive.

Usually I’m very faithful and I keep the same brand for very long time. I know…people say you should change to a new brand once in a while, but honestly I don’t do that very often. And the reason is: if I’m happy and my skin reacts very well to a brand why should I change it? Right?

I have been using Cyantific, a skincare line powered by nature, using as the main resource the blue-green algae from the Pacific Northwest. These algae are well known for being a powerful antioxidant and they are able to protect themselves from UV damage. Cyantific research on these algae brings together a formula to create a 3 steps line that helps to prevent, it’s anti-aging and keeps the natural glow of your skin.


After cleansing my skin, I apply the serum. It’s oil-free, tightens the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines. It has a very pleasant light fragrance.


 After the serum, apply the Protecting Daily Lotion. It’s a 30+ SPF sunscreen that protects against aging/damaging UVA and UVB rays. I always feel my skin so soft and smooth when using this lotion. Love the fact that has no smell and doesn’t leave the sensation of grease in my skin.


Rich creamy with a very soft fragrance I apply it immediately after cleansing and after applying the serum on my face and neckline. The night cream absorbs very well and the skin feels immediately soft and smooth.

All I know is that after using the line for almost two weeks, I extremely happy and I love the way it feels on my skin and more important is that my sensitive skin is reacting very well to the all line.

What is your skincare line? Do you change very often from brand to brand? Would love to ear your thoughts.

Xo Ines

This post was in collaboration with Cyantific.


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