November 4, 2016

Prep-N-Glow with NUFACE











Hello loves!

On today´s post I will introduce NuFACE, a brand focused on beauty and skincare. As you know, I travel a lot for work and pleasure, meaning many hours in airplanes and as you can imagine I´m always carrying many beauty and skincare products. When Nuface contact me some days ago to try one of their new products, the Prep-N-Glow dual sided cloths, I immediately said yes and the first thought that came to me was…” perfect a 3 in 1 beauty find its a must”.

” 3 in 1″

  • Cleanse: Remove makeup or just cleanse skin with the soft and smooth side ( soft lace cotton cloths). You feel immediately in your skin a fresh and soft touch.
  • Exfoliate: Use the other side of the cloth with micro-dots for a soft exfoliation ( recommended or for everyday use or 2-3 times a week for sensitive skin. Each skin type is different, so please try to follow whats the best for you).
  • Hydrate : When you cleanse and exfoliate, your skin gets hydrated, because this cloths are enriched with hualuronic acid, antioxidants and minerals for anti-aging and skin protection. No rinse needed, although I always do it. Then just follow your day or night skin care routine.

My personal opinion: I absolutely love these NuFACE cloths. What I must have to point out first, is the softness and freshness of my skin after I use the cloths. The “3 in 1” is such a perfect combination. As I travel so much for business and pleasure I always look for efficient and easy products, but perfection and good quality when doing my skin care routine and I find all that in these cloths. Although rinse is not required I personally do it before applying any moisturiser. As I have a very sensitive skin, I can´t exfoliate more than 2 times a week. I´ll recommend using 2/ 3 times. Thank you NuFACE for the amazing opportunity to be one of the first to try these dual sided clothes.

This post was in collaboration with NuFACE. Thank you NuFACE for supporting Byincawithlove. All opinions are my own personal ones.

Thanks for stopping by and for reading!

Xoxo Ines


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