June 4, 2018

Personal Thoughts – It Is Good To Be Back

Hello babes! It’s good to be back!

If you remember my last blog and social media posts I made the decision of stopping and just take time to myself, to my family and to organize my life in Lisbon. Last December I decided to go back to Portugal after spending many years living in a couple of different countries. I was living in Boston MA for already 5 years. Beautiful city, great people…but I got to a point that I found myself not happy and with a deep feeling of loneliness… even though I was always surrounded by lovely people. Best decision ever… I moved back to Lisbon. It took me one week to “get rid” of everything, including my apartment, put all my personal things in 8 or 9 big bags and left on the first flight to Portugal. Sounds crazy…right?

I felt a mix of relief… refreshing sign, but I was extremelly happy!! A new beginning! After months of searching for an apartment, I finally found it. Beautiful and right in front of the sea in Estoril coast just 10 minutes from my moms house. That’s when I decided to make a stop, here on my blog and in all social media. I wasn’t happy with the content I was creating, sometimes I had the feeling that had to post something, but I was not loving what I was doing… so was time to take a brake. I missed the blog…but I did not miss IG…or FB or any other app…or the rush and stress to post… I actually spent a couple days in a row without open any app!! But I did miss my blog!!

Spending time with friends and family and just taking care of myself was the best thing. There are a couple of new things coming on the blog, but slowly I will share them with you!

Thanks for being around, for reading and for all the lovely comments. XO Ines


Xo Ines



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