April 13, 2016

Body Therapy with NUXE

Hello loves!


I have found the perfect formula to pamper myself and my body. I have been tracking for some time the body products from  NUXE. Based in Paris France, the brand is famous for the use of botanical oils and plant extracts. In the beginning was focused on the chic and busy Parisian women, and from there it spread to all women in the world. But believe it or not their products are very affordable and you can order them online HERE or you easily find them at any Walgreens pharmacy.


I live in Boston and here the weather is totally unpredictable: very cold Winters and very hot Summers…and let’s not talk about Spring or Fall where temperatures change from high to low in a blink. Saying this, I do have extreme care with my skin. I always try to keep it hydrated, “clean” of death cells and nourished.



One of the things that I never forget to do its to exfoliate my skin once or twice a week. It cleans my skin from death cells and I immediately feel results: soft and more luminous. As my skin is very sensitive I always do it in a very gentle way, I mix the product with shower gel and I use a sponge. I have been using the Melting Body Scrub, with a soft scent of almond, orange flower and plant oils.


To keep my body hydrated I always use a moisturizing body lotion, one that keeps my skin with a soft touch for more than 24 hours. For me this so important, not only because of the weather but also because I do very long airplane trips and as we all know the air inside is so dry, so its a must to keep our skin hydrated. I’m trying now the Ultra Comfortable Body Cream from the line Reve de Miel.


But I have to confess…I focused my mind on their Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse. I’m addicted since ever in using dry oil, the final touch to our skin its absolutely amazing. It nourishes, softens and repair your skin due to the high concentration of Vitamin E and combination of plant oils. You can apply it in different ways, or directly to to your skin or just blend it with your body lotion.


DSC_0046  DSC_0062

Don’t forget…pamper yourself, but most important take good care of your skin. Last but not least…drink lots of water, that’s the source of your well being. Your body will say “Thank you”!!


Hope you like the post today.

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All products used in this post and all the comments and opinions are my personal ones.

Xoxo Ines (Inca)



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